Historically in clinical microbiology the process of sample preparation, plating and interpretation has been a very manual process and requiring visual inspection by an experienced microbiologist. The trend is towards automation to improve the clinical efficacy of the microbiology lab, enable faster diagnosis, less manpower, and allowing more qualified staff to focus on more skilled tasks. Our client wished to test the market opportunity for a new automated concept. The client leadership team was undecided on the value, so Medex Research was brought in to validate the market need and opportunity.

Key Challenge

Although the product concept conveyed a highly desirable image, the main challenge was to tease out from potential buyers the realistic intent on purchase and the time frame in which it would be adopted.


Executive in-depth tele-depths with key stakeholders across USA (20) and Europe (20)


Based on our findings, the client decided not to invest further in this technology.

“We had a new product opportunity within our company and had to decide quickly whether the project should be progressed or not. From the outset, Medex Research were professional, understanding the technology and market we were interested in, plus our need for speed. Following the briefing Medex Research kept us up to date with progress, raising queries with solutions, not problems, to make sure the study produced the best results possible. Medex Research were very helpful, guiding us through some potential pitfalls and always gave us confidence in the work they were doing”

Global Marketing Director