Prior to launching a neuromodulation device our client needed to test alternative messages with visual concepts. WE needed to really understand what resonated the best with neurosurgeons was it a concept themed on ‘collaboration’, ‘competition’ or ‘Patient centric’. The ad agency had come up with alternative visuals for each message concept. We needed to find out for our client if any of these concepts were acceptable and which would resonate the most and what modifications would be needed to make it more attractive to stakeholders.

Key Challenge

We were used to interviewing neurosurgeons on technical projects and wondered how they would respond to providing insights to messages and visuals.


45 minute in-depth interviews conducted by a senior exec with 15 surgeons at the INS.


The surgeons were so engaged with the interview and enjoyed the questioning, that they were not ready to leave when their 45 minute slot was up. The outcome was that the ad agency needed to go back to the drawing board: although one message concept was more desirable than others the visuals did not support the message. The clients comment after our presentation was “WOW”.