Our client, a leader in cardiac ablation technologies, needed to assess the likely impact of a new competitive technology which was entering the market. At the time of the study, point-by-point focal abaltion was the gold standard technique to treat paroxysmal AF, however, the emergence of new single-shot technologies to perform PVI (Pulmonary Vein Isolation) boasted similar patient outcomes with a much quicker procedure time.

It was therefore essential for our client to understand the likely uptake of these new single-shot devices and in what specific indications they would out-compete existing point-by-point ablation methods.


Creating a segmented sample that represented supporters, splitters and detractors of the new technology was the main challenge as it was crucial that we had access to a range of viewpoints. Since the technology was relatively new this posed a recruitment challenge; however due to our comprehensive databases and good relationships with electrophysiologists throughout the world, recruitment was achieved in a short space of time.


The detailed analysis provided interesting new findings that our client had not anticipated.