Our client a leading company in airway management wanted to explore a specific disease area to identify gaps in the market to generate ideas for R&D or product acquisition. The client had been made aware that in the US more provisions were being allocated for this disease and suspected this would provide opportunities for new products. Specific markets were targeted: Japan, USA and Europe.

Key Challenge

This was a very complex market and exploratory research was required to complete the ‘jigsaw puzzle’ to the entirety of HCPs involved in the treatment & management of different phases of the disease. In each market: Japan, USA, France, Germany and the UK several phases of research were conducted with a range of HCPs, Insurance company personnel, and patients. This required a mix of in-depth in person interviews with HCPs and patients, quantitative validation of findings by telephone or conference research.


The research provided the client with a complete overview of the patient management, the products used, product acquisition process and product needs from a patient and care giver point of view. The findings identified one particular gap in the market and assessed the potential market opportunity.

I used Medex Research to explore an adjacent therapy area which my company was considering entering. This was a very complex project requiring depth interviews with a wide range of respondents including various health care professionals, homecare equipment providers, insurance companies and patients across a number of different countries. The Medex team worked closely with us to review the findings as they emerged in order to modify the discussion guides and identify other respondent groups we needed to reach, and so were able to generate a rounded picture of the whole therapy area.

Sr Director, Strategic Market Analysis